The people here look very normal, but I suppose we have to define what ‘normal’ is.

We used to have four seasons. There were times of the year where the weather would be scorching hot and we would all have to wear light clothing to stop ourselves from burning up into a crispy hotdog, and then there are times when it’s so cold you wear layers of jackets to make you look like the big round snowballs you throw around.

But our world has progressed so much since then. I don’t know if it’s a good thing. Our weather is controlled now – there is no summer or winter. We have perfect weather and climate that fits our needs. It’s never too warm or too cold, so now everybody wears what they like.

It rains on fixed days – every Monday and Thursday now, so I always wear my nylon clothing on those days. Some of my friends like to be hipsters though – they customize their clothes with special fibre that can give off light. Some are even rich enough to buy IMA shirts. IMA is one of the top fasion brands here. Their shirts have the best quality and they have special nanobots weaved into the fabric that allow the shirt to change colour. You could be wearing a red shirt now and then have it turn blue in a split second. It’s easy to dress up for events now.

I would want to have one of those. I’d wear a different coloured shirt each day. You can even install modules into these shirts to have them display customized words or images, modifying each nanobot to display a certain colour or word on the shirt, just like how you would modify pixels of an image. You could literally have your clothing look like anything you want it to. You can even save your favourite designs so you can switch to them anytime you want. Rather than having 50 sets of clothing, we just need one set of clothing that can turn itself into 50 different designs. Just pray it doesn’t get dirty though.

I guess the only thing that’s left to invent is a shirt that turns you invisible. I heard that IMA actually developed a prototype, but what fashion sense is there when nobody can see you?

Now it looks like the clothes here aren’t that ‘normal’ after all.

Author: Yeo Ying Zhi

I like to develop games.

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