Metastory – Celebrations

One thing that we get to celebrate is the disappearance of funerals. There are no more funerals since MemBrain Tech set up its hub here in Singapore and various other first world countries. I guess that’s something to celebrate right?

Nobody actually ‘dies’ now in this world… in a spiritual way. Even though their physical bodies decompose and rot away, almost everyone gets their memories loaded into cartridges when they die. These cartridges hold terabytes of data and can even be fit into the size of your pocket. It’s like how those things that they used to call ‘thumbdrives’ back in the 2020s, though nobody uses them anymore. Instantaneous cloud transfer has made it possible to transfer data freely with worldwide Wi-Fi. Despite that, many people choose to have memories loaded into cartridges. I guess their families still prefer to be able to hold onto something hard and physical to keep with them, rather than having digital copies of everything which is what the world is about now.

Author: Yeo Ying Zhi

I like to develop games.

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