Metastory – Laws and Rules

There are times when we had to be careful. Tampering with one’s memories is not always viewed as acceptable in the society.

There has to be a set of rules that everyone has to follow.

Not being allowed to get into the heads of others was one rule set by the government. But the truth is… most of the rules are set by our own people. These are internal rules that we set because tampering with our own or others’ memories had long raised moral questions.

When people die here, their memories are transferred into cartridges. MemBrain Tech offers everyone a chance to salvage their memories, extracting them from their brains, turning something that we could never imagine could be held in our own hands – something physical. You had to do this within the first four hours after the time of death, as the brain will rapidly destroy itself when it loses oxygen, essentially corrupting the person’s memories.

There were no “hard” rules to memory transferring. If your wife or girlfriend died, and another person was willing to offer their body to be the ‘physical carrier’ of their memories, you could load your dead wife or girlfriend’s memories into this new body, replacing its old memories. But doing so would essentially ‘kill’ the person. Even though his or her body will live on, he or she no longer possesses his or her unique identity, experiences and memories.

Many people have tried to come up with a hard set of laws and rules regarding when memory transfer is permitted, but nobody has been successful. There are just too many edge cases, too many scenarios where one rule may work in, but not in the other. That’s how MemBrain Tech grew so big. Nobody could stop them or impose legal barriers.

Author: Yeo Ying Zhi

I like to develop games.

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