The Shadow


Genre: Mystery, Psychology

As a person who takes a lot of time to warm up to people and talk to others comfortably, I think there’s a lot about me that people may not know or be bothered to know as a result. I believe we all have our own hidden stories and ‘shadows’.

If I made a movie about my life, the premise would likely be about a person who sits in the “shadows”. He’s alone, afraid to come out, and he has to find out why, maybe even dig deep into his past and confront the things he may be afraid to see. Will he one day find the key to the door that takes him out into the light? Or will he remain in his own shadow, cast into the darkness and forgotten?

The poster uses tones to create a stark contrast of the character who stands silhouetted against the lighter tone of the staircase behind him in the background. The scene resembles a narrow alley with a one-point perspective for depth.

Author: Yeo Ying Zhi

I like to develop games.

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