Your destiny lies with me

Old Design

For the quote “Your destiny lies with me, young skywalker” from Star Wars, I decided to use the Yin & Yang symbol as stated in my last post.

New Design

However, I decided to modify it to the new design above as I wasn’t sure if I was communicating the design effectively and was afraid that certain elements were not coming through from the first picture. I decided to make it clearer that ‘young skywalker’ was represented by a baby AT-AT walker, which is a vehicle in the Star Wars universe, and is also a word play on skyWALKER. The fetus-like position of the AT-AT helps to enforce that it is a young boy or person.

To represent the dark side, I decided to use a symbol of a gorilla based on the recent (and famously controversial) story about Harambe, a gorilla who had lost his life because of a boy. The story is rather symbolic and almost mirrors how Darth Vader lost his life to redeem himself and young Skywalker in the end, much like how Harambe the gorilla is seen as a hero to some people.

I would appreciate some advice on whether the newer design is better, or if there are elements I can remove/add to improve it. Thank you for reading.

Author: Yeo Ying Zhi

I like to develop games.

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