Month: February 2017

2D II – Project 2 Part 1: Zine Neighbourhood Explorer (Preliminary Research)

Hullo! This is the beginning of Project 2, and the place i got happened to be Tampines. .. which kinda feels MILES away from the place I stay which is yew tee. (and yes its okay, many people do not know where this is too..) ok LEGGOOOOOOO!   Planning (Or the lack of planning i shall say) Honestly, Tampines never,… Read more →

2D II Project 1: Que Sera Sera – Final Submission

Hullo again! Here’s my final submission for this project ^_^! and yes, in case you are wondering, my name is 宝乐. LOL Just a brief summary of what i said during the presentation: Main Concept: Aesthetically pleasing images, simple with main elements ; not messy. Message At first sight is meant to be misleading. Using lots of puns on the… Read more →

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