2D Project 2 : Forrest Gump – Progress II

Hullo again.


After looking through my designs, i decided to edit somemore and include more reptile theme or recurring themes within my edits! πŸ™‚

So first of all:

  1. “You just gestured to all of me.”

From this original image……..Β c-2

and incorporating….

rinkbdxrt free-scissors-clip-art-graphicsfairy

It transformed to:


it was tedious to edit the scissors in etc but the end result was pretty COOL HOHO
it was tedious to edit the scissors in etc but the end result was pretty COOL HOHO

2. “Looks like you and me are going to take a vacation….forever.”Β 

Transforming this original image to something with depth as feedback from prof ina!
d-1Β and incorporated the below:


unfortunately for this it was wayyyyy too cluttered and instead brought confusion into the picture rather than compliment the entire “Plane-reptile”


unfortunately, this background still didnt really blend along with the plane πŸ™

Only after seeking help from Prof Ina, I searched up Japanese Engravings and finally found the perfect background! :3

this cute little thing :)))))) YAY

and thussssssssssss magically appearing is:

yay! which worked out pretty well :3


3. “This Here is a Talking fishbone! “

I originally had a few other compositions like the ones below that were rejected because they were just random rather than having any concept behind them.

nice but nah..
perhaps just creepy

For this originally was a plain picture: Β Β c-1but i decided to add in few elements; some as Prof Ina suggested πŸ™‚


and also in order to reinforce the fishbone concept i made one really big one:OOOOO

pretttyy cooollll


and another feedback I Got was to include a man-made element to fit with the rather organic fishbone!

this design was really fun to do and i really liked it Β πŸ˜›

c-1with these fishes and a vintage frame πŸ˜‰

flora_and_fauna73 flora_and_fauna22 dp141353 us06234487-20010522-d00001 grab_machine b39233c6df461a9ba89e7f2f88d60b65


andd hence produced this cute design ;3

really loved the distraught faces of the fishes as the fishbone was lifted up πŸ˜› HEHEHE

4. “Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile.”Β 

For this, i decided to keep my original tote bag design. hoho



After i also decided to take a different approach to the same quote!



and THUS :

the sneaky eye πŸ™‚


Yay thanks for reading and look forward to my final post HOHO

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