4D II Project 1 – Alter Ego


Hullo~ This post is the final post for my 4D II Project 1 – Alter Ego! :3

Character: Sakata Gintoki

Traits: Main Protagonist of the Anime, Gintama with humor much like Deadpool. Sarcastic, lazy and does stunts involving fourth wall breaking. Of course, you can always count on him to do whats right when it counts for it though he may seem thoughtless and cold at first sight.


So let”s start off with Process:

We were given several tasks to complete, task 1-4 to choose someone to base our video off.


For me it was quite a tough decision and, (lol) you can just skim through this as its just me and me struggles to get to that final decision of “who you feel the strongest affinity with”.

Afterwards, i did manage to settle on a Character: Sakata Gintoki From the anime Gintama (hence u see him all over this post…) and it felt guuudddd hahaa.


There were also some in-class activities held to simulate thinking in the character’s perspective which was pretty cool some of which i came up with letters that involved gintoki in his drunken state LOL

I think it was at this point of unpacking his character, i realised there were like a few sides to this character and I was kinda conflicted about which side to portray??

But ultimately, i decided which was the side i wanted to show more which i guess was the more cynical, sarcastic funny side of him.

Thus, i came up with the following rough Plotline: as well as Storyboard Lel


le storyline

Plotline: somewhat convoluted way of expression, sarcastic undertones with tint of humor.

le plot hoho

Overall for this project, i think the hardest for me would be settling on a character trait that i wanted to portrait, especially when its “Alter Ego”. I think probably another issues would be the desire to use fantasy like images/effects  to portray my idea as alot of them come from a fictional world where it doesnt really work like in real life. haha.

Another big issues would then be the plotline and narration and whether it would fit the images being shown/ or purposely putting jarring images in contrast to the narration? I think decision making on my part was terribly delayed and i took quite a while to put them all together and was satisfied with the flow?


Oh man did i mention about the narration lol i recorded and recorded and recorded so many times . ._.



Ok if u wanna see more inspirations, please take a look at my inspiration file instead shank ue ~!

so without further Ado!~:


the final product: 




So yea….. not sure what u got out of it ! but hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading :3


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