4D II: Project 2 – Soundscape

hullo over there! ~ 2nd project for 4D II and it is Soundscapeeeeeeeeee~ let’s begin!

Artist Statement:

My soundscape aims to illustrate the journey of heading back home after a long day at school or just away from home. However, despite how it may seem great to be “home”, it is an environment that fosters a sense of gluttony as well as sense of loss. I love to eat and being at home just makes me feel at ease to do whatever I want, whenever. J (no but okay) Loss of time specifically speaking. I usually forget to keep track of time. Losing myself in the comfort of my home, familiar sound and when it comes to sleeping, I hear the distant cars wheezing by as I’m consumed by the guilt of wasting time. Tick tock. Basically me all day.

Of course these are the feelings i get when i come home from school. When it is the holidays, its  a whole new world. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

Concept Write-up :

So when i got the memo that it was gonna be soundscape, i was actually quite excited believe it or not. (LeL) because of the fact that im personally quite obsessed with sounds. OTL.


  1. What to based on? My few thoughts when it comes to sounds that i like to focused on was either at home or times when its really really quiet. (like in the library). Another would be in forests. But this time i decided to do kinda like a multi-sided home, based on all the ASMR videos I have watched. haha.
  2. I had the vision to use only homemade produced sounds because they are close to me and my heart (not to be cheesy but yeah). Relatable in that sense >_>

Below are some of the sounds i used as references and inspiration actually. many of which are focusing on “natural” sounds u hear but dont really focus on i guess? like the ventilation fan, etc which i strangely find all alluring lelelelel


3. Challenges: I found it difficult to RECORD crisp sounds even at home because there was sometimes way too much going on. Often i’d get frustrated about it and have to cut the recording off.

also, overlaying and making the sounds work naturally was quite tough for me but i tried >_>

I also tried my best to make the intensity of the sounds vastly different, however there was also the point of where the sounds made by the various items were quite soft, so the volume of the sounds were really distinct and different in a bad way so i had to adjust the volumes several times.

OKIE so dis is my sound scape (please listen using earphones if possible!  :

Thanks for viewing: )

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