Art and Ecology: Addressing Climate Change Presentation – Reflection


Below is my reflection for the presentation where I had collaborated with Skye.

So for this presentation, as many of you may or may not have picked up, there were some obstacles that stood in the way of our Collaboration.

The most threatening, per say was possibly our disagreement towards a common topic. The suggestion to focus on Mountains was made by Skye and the initial idea of this “Hourglass” was proposed by actually, me. Which i later on, after consideration thought it was far too basic and scratching the surface type of art work that wouldn’t evoke much. It was from there that spurred our differences, but I did recognise that I still had to make it work somehow so…. I  went to read some of the materials provided by Prof Meridel, which thankfully, i somehow stumbled upon the Dogen’s poem that recognised the issue that a certain object would hold different meanings for every single person, raised in different environments  and that was Okay! :”) so for that, i’m really glad.

Skeptically speaking, i would say It is impossible to get along with everyone and have everyone bend to your every expectation or what not, so I’m quite pleasantly surprised for what the outcome was for this collaboration despite the numerous hurdles. In terms of work styles, I think i had quite a different work style and also work goal from Skye which probably contributed to the difficulties we had in communicating what we wanted…Because for me, I could never live with myself editing too near to the presentation time as I would break down in anxiety (HAHA… ded) thats why i chose to do the PPT first whereas Skye had a slightly different mindset. Thus, there were disagreements that were bound to happen.. but thankfully, one way or another, we tried our best to resolve them.

But of course, I’m glad she shared her information with the class, which added value to our plans and the mountain aesthetic idea. :”) i also must add! The food wastage idea contributed by Prof Shawn was pretty cool, and i must admit I never really thought of it that way other than consumption and the blame usually falling on WHAT we eat rather than what is NOT eaten! so yes!

To move on…

I really loved Jasvic and Li Ching’s presentation and admire their presentation probably the most? They gave a super comprehensive presentation and if i could say, brought hope to this world :”) With super applicable examples and their own idealisation of what their “Eco-building” would be, one can really imagine a super cool building like theirs and the hopes for a better, more improved world!  I also thought the idea of Art (aesthetics as many people say) is really intricately connected to Science in this case!! :)))))


alright! thanks for reading 🙂


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