Art and Ecology: Assignment 2 – Walking Outside

Art and Ecology: Assignment 2 – Walking Outside

We were tasked to walk in our neighbourhood vicinity for at least 30 minutes for a consecutive 6 days. And the below were my observations after attempting to take myself out of the picture here and there~ Also, this assignment kinda got me to relook at how i thought of nature as a whole. Because i used to think I understood nature pretty well, but this really reformed how i could appreciate nature even more…? so yea~


Also to add on, i also have some pictures that i took that summarised my day to day experiences (since i cant really draw well, i think the pictures captured my emotions pretty well :”) )



Below is also a summarised version of my thoughts, observations, sounds (well, i tried) :

Taking the walks outside, putting aside myself, for the half of an hour

Opened my eyes to the sights, sounds and things I’ve practically been missing out

People consuming (plastics), people glued to phones be tripping over nothing

Overlooking whats right in front of them, from the birds calling

to the crickets chirping and the dead rat lying right by their side.

When finally noticing, I think of too much, what is art?

When do we get heads turning for the sake of whats around us,

so much that we take for granted, each and every second.

Must art be beautiful? Must it be ugly? Do we stretch every extreme,

till the environment around us snaps then do we start to see?

Water, Earth, Wood and Space, that was what I saw the most,

We clear, import then we bring back what we destroyed,

in the most ironic ways possible, perhaps we are made up of ironies.

Moving on, concrete HDBs surround you and me,

suffocating in their own manner, yet i feel liberated in my

own little pigeon box where i cuddle to sleep.

“Man-made” and “Natural”, who’s to say what is what.

For we are seemingly all creations of God, are we not?


Thanks for reading heyo! 🙂

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