Art and Ecology: Final Asgt – How have you… bean?

Art and Ecology: Final Assignment

How have you…bean?

:”) the semester has gone by so fast and the final project has been rolled out ~~

Attached in the PDF is the write up and concept of the project :”)


and below is the video.


I also edited the ending part of the video to make it a more natural and complete loop as per Prof Meridel’s feedback.

Below is my setup!

Photos that surround the projected video along with their facts: going by their  layers:

Layer 1:

Layer 2:

Layer 3:

thus this concludes my journey in Art and Ecology :”)))))) The final project had some hiccups and definitely can be improved, in terms of more thought put into the interaction and combination of the projected video and interactive pictures at the side. that would be my main take away that there’s many other ways to improve the interactivity and my film to make it work more smoothly 🙂

It has been perhaps an enlightening journey and even life-changing! It was super fun to work with the rest of our awesome class and be apart of like-minded individuals? Now, all the more, i feel the integration between science and art needs to be tighter and so that people can work together to let it be known that art can be used to convey science in its own manner, if not in a easier manner for the general audience to understand and grasp.

This is really important and can help move people into taking action and someday, we can slow down climate change and stop all the animals from dying out one by one and ultimately, save our precious planet. :”)

It has truly been an honor to work Prof Meridel and Prof Shawn, and this module has been a great one to take! No regrets! :”) tilll next time!

Thanks for reading!

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