Digital Film Production – 200 word Synopsis (rewritten)

200 word Synopsis (rewritten)

Chris is sick and tired of the life he has been leading. Stuck in the draining rinse-wash-and-repeat cycle of a middle-working class, he is not just outperformed by his colleagues, he is despised by manager who seems to keep arrowing him when others do better. The crowd he hangs around has a similar air to them, all pondering if their work will ever yield a result. On the same day his close co-worker asks the taboo question, “Man, don’t you think everything sucks for us right now? What’s the point of trying? ”, Chris discovers (a little late)  his all-time favourite band was having a fanmeet the very next day. The facebook scrolling stops as he stumbles upon this post, with the band’s songs blasting loud from his computer.

He knows exactly what NOT to do for the very next day, and decides to go at 6am to queue for the fanmeet. Singaporeans, all kia-su as him, had already set up a queue. By the time the doors opens, bodies rush forward in a hectic frenzy but Chris refuses to let anyone cut his queue! A sharp pain, someone’s feet on his, and he glares at the source, only to find his manager. His manager is strangely relieved to find Chris isn’t as dampened as he appears to be. Together, they rush as a pair for the fanmeet.

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