Digital Film Production – Introduction

Cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki in The Revenant

Why did I choose Film as my specialization?

Film is very interesting to me and i feel that ability to frame and present things differently for your audience is a very powerful thing…Initially, I wanted to take photography but changed my mind about film (especially with its intricacy) ¬†when I made films for the assignments.


It kinda opened my eyes to the world of film and I look forward to using film a medium to communicate my messages to a greater audience… just as I was inspired by them.


My personal/societal perspective on films

All films are presented perhaps through a filtered lens of the film maker and i thought in that aspect it was super cool… not to mention, to tell an entire narrative in that manner….? I also admire the beauty that has been captured by all these films that just seems to tell us what we have been missing out in life… theres so much more..

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