Hello My Name is …

Hullo! On our first lesson, we were tasked to draw based on our names and mainly intuition! so leggo!~

So my name’s bao le which I personally find very simple to remember but i ironically cannot remember people’s names and faces well (anyways…)

so the first question that popped into my head was



So after pondering, i managed to come up with a few:


first up was this, where I like to be wrapped up in books and fiction, where a magical alternative i prefer exists. 🙂 Hence, my world buried underneath a book.



this one’s called dark places because I actually dont mind sinking deep into dark places inside my head to think, because I feel it is meaningful, especially when one can obtain some sort of realisation from it. Hence…



Last of all would be this more abstract? one. The colours i use are the one i associate strongly with the environment, namely green (forestry) as well as blue (the ocean, water). This relates back to my specialisation where i aspire to make a film someday that will hopefully push environmental movements forward in someway or another.

Another reflection from this exercise is that i tend to be too literal if anything and it kinda destroys effect i usually go for hmm….


will work on that…..


till the next post! thank you for reading! :3

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