Project 1 : Picture Story – Curating Self

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Task 1:

inside my head
yes, i judge. do you?
flash of discovery


The task for me was rather hard for me at first as I am usually not in that position. However, after getting some ideas and getting comfortable, i began to explore more possibilities of what elements that made up .. me.

First of all, my first impressions (quieter and preference to stay at home almost all the time, and my love for reading.)

Secondly, this photo was retaken under the advice of Prof Lei. She told me to study Gillian Wearing, a photographer that explored the Great Depression in her work “Signs that Say What You Want Them To Say and Not Signs that Say What Someone Else Wants You To Say” featuring her iconic photo:

The photo had to make use of strategically placed people in the background (mainly my family… :P) and of course myself and my expression had to be on point to communicate what exactly i had in mind.  I love puns but “hate” them too. hmm..

the last one featured in the task, played on the concept of my surname (essentially a part of me) and how i came to know my surname’s whereabouts , tracing back to a dialect, Hokkien. Brief summary would be: 石 shi (surname in Mandarin)  -> JIO (Hokkien) -> Cheok (English version)

i ultimately decided to use me photographing a rock  in the “flash” of the moment to include the kinda-funny element. More importantly, i also decided against using my digital camera to take the stone but a phone to represent my acceptance in new forms of photography that i was previous close-minded about.

I guess realizations and things have been part of my growing up.

Task 2: Object

because, STONING is essential to life
inspiration, not yet at ROCK bottom
my dear ah ma, you, of course, ROCK!

so….. this series is perhaps the most self-explanatory with the line up filled with PUNS. hope you have enjoyed it.

Of course, all these probably was not possible if Prof Lei recommended the artist: Martin Parr


Part of his
Part of his “Signs of the Times” series
Part of His “Unseen City” series

Hence, instead of using a soft toy and wayyy too much of me in the photos, i used the Rock, photographing  in various instances during my daily life. Taking also a somewhat comical stance on the task!


Task 3: My World

Waits at Cabin 14
it is a likewise dash to the doors
Cabin 14 was the less crowded one
one day
forever crowded

I share a love-relationship with the MRT. Actually i cant really think of what love i have for it but that ‘s a story for another day.

The initial thought for this was merely take some nice looking pictures of the MRT then submit it. It did feel like there was something missing though.

After the views, i was introduced to the Passing by AikBeng Chia, that captured vividly the emotions of people ; all in the same setting and POV from the escalator. Which was pretty neat.

I got the idea of staying in Cabin 14 throughout my journey. thus the pictures.

Honestly though, after the critique, i think i could have dealt with the “same pov” perspective much better like how Aik Beng Chia did.



Part of his
Part of his “Passing” series

Okie, thats the end of my post and thank you for reading! 🙂

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