Art and Ecology: SG Eco-Film Festival – Responses

Film: Sonic Sea
[Response as an Artist]

For me, the most powerful tool used in the film was the scene where by the viewer took on the point-of-view of the diver and went into diving to see the large, epic whales up close. There was an overlay that crossed the various interviews of the people who cared for the whales. This cleverly overlay mix of videos all boiled down to the point where the whale would look at you in the eye and you would be left feeling like “they stared into the very back of your soul”. At the very moment, the camera footage panned over to the whale’s eye close up and you felt like you were there at that very moment, see the magnificent creature up close. There was also certain points in time where I felt like crying because of the intense emotions from the whales that died/ died blameless from the destruction and pollution. And i felt the poetry in the film was particularly strong as well, often stringing together informative impactful words that had the basis of science to get across to the general public. :”) There was also this particular phrase when they referred to the noise pollution in the sea  and the impact of whales as “imagine being stuck in a noisy club with no exit door, and thats how the whales are like.” and “these creatures date back to perhaps 200/150 years, imagine what increased noise pollution is like for them” which was insane. And i felt deeply moved by these.

Film: Racing to Zero
[Response as a Scientist]

From a Scientist point-of-view, I felt that the film was definitely able to present a large number of possibilities of recycling, reducing and reusing. In particular, i felt the notion of looking at waste as NOT waste was very effective. This struck me deep as it presented a perspective that i had never really considered as possible until then, especially with plastics and the wide spread use of them. Essentially i had even regarding waste as something we could ONLY bury. Some part of me was relieved to have see the endless thing we could possibly be doing to save the environment. However, when it comes back to localization, i would have to say realising this could be a challenge in Singapore especially with the red tape issues as well as lack of government support in the environmental sectors. Possibly, our best bet would be to work from bottom up and cause suck a big stir amongst the people first before we get anything massive with government going. :”) but theres seems to be many possibilities and i am glad to know about the. 🙂


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