Project 1: My Line Is Emo






















Author: Najiha

Always looking for something more.

3 thoughts on “Project 1: My Line Is Emo”

  1. The lines are beautiful! Various techniques have been successfully explored. Please improve on OSS layout: to identify styles – and various treatments consider to separate your lines – and ensure that one can preview them as bigger image. To do that – when uploading your images – ensure that you have checked “link to media” (located on the right hand side of the post) ; This would allow you to see the images larger in the floating window.
    It is hard to separate lines as well as emotions from each other. Ideally each category should have the subcategory: for example Anger:  could be divided into Torment, Rage, Jealousy.
    Carefully arrange them as they will enhance each other more prominently.

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