3D: Interesting Object I Found

The LoofahThe Loofah, stretchedThe Loofah, squeezed

The object is a loofah. It’s the thing that you use to scrub your body with body gel. It’s meant to spread the body gel all over your body so it keeps you clean from head to toe.

What was interesting to me was the texture and the lightweight feel of it. You can squeeze it as hard as you can, but it’ll bounce back to it own shape. The nets are all out in different layers, which is useful for it’s function. The function as in, it makes it easy for you to spread the soap all across your body and your arms and  your sexy curves and everything else 😉

Dominant– The layers of nets. They form the largest part of the loofah, and it’s the most visible.

Subdominant– not too sure. I think it’s the spaces between the layers of nets. The space which curves inwards, help to bring out the nets to its convex shape. That kind of helps the net to function properly, where this part helps to spread the gel product all over your body.

Subordinate– Either holes in the nets or the pale-ish yellow colour.



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