Alter Ego: “Batu Lesung”- Feedback + New Scenes

After showing the previous clip to class, I was given some feedback to work on it. It’s mainly characterization and adding of clips, and also following the pace of the intro. Some liked to fast pace of the clips so they recommended it. On the other hand, the alter ego I potrayed was relevant but needed more scenes to portray her 100%. The alter ego is basically a lady who works full time yet manages to keep up with her role as a housewife/mother, as portrayed in kitchen. I had to add scenes of her ironing her working clothes + switching off gas pipes + receiving phone texts from her.

A peer recommended me this local literature play called Emily of the Emerald Hill. I only watched the above video to get a gist of what Emily, this middle-aged yet youthful looking Peranakan lady, is all about. Judging from the clip itself, she comes off as a rather, brash, outspoken and very expressive with her words and thoughts. I noticed her body language spoke more about this character much more than what she’s talking about. The flamboyant, yet feminine hand gestures, the dramatic rolling of eyes, the primadonna behavior and eye movement all made her someone as wanting to be in the spotlight ( figuratively).

I would put in some body language gestures and expression to show the alter ego in my video.

“Be the very devil of your wife and mother.. Bind them, wrap them… The husband, the son and the daughter-in-law must all depend on you, so YOU can control them… So the whole world knows your worth! “
– Emily of The Emerald Hill

Besides the feedback, I worked on making a piece of background noise to fit the video.


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