ArtScience Musuem: NASA, “Into The Wild”, “Future World”

In short, we had a class trip to the ArtScience Museum in MBS, Singapore.

The NASA Musuem was all about space, astronauts, the history behind space and all the spaceships and equipment and costumes that people use to wander off to space. These things are all REAL..

“Into The Wild” is a virtual reality game. Each of us were given a smart phone, and through the screen it pictured in a forest and look out for animals. The main idea of this game is to be aware about the wild animals which are about to go extinct.

“Future World” is entertainment/inspiration for those into Interactive Media related sutff. It was black room filled with lots of colors and large screens surrounding it. It’s basically a way to use technology to entertain and interact with the human touch and other senses. By far this was most enjoyable, even though this was child’s play.

Another was a screening of “Into The Wild”, it’s basically about preserving the wildlife animals like the tigers and lepers because they’re disappearing.




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