Reverse Sequences For “Blue Jasmine” :

The scene starts at 35:00 mark.

In Blue Jasmine, Jasmine plays the main protagonist.  In this scene, Jasmine works as a receptionist at a clinic and finds it hard to keep up with demanding clients. Her job is to inform the clients of their follow-up appointment dates and from this scene, she is portrayed as someone who is annoyed. On top of that, Jasmine is also taking computer class to keep up with her IT skills, and likewise, she finds it hard to keep up with that as well.

Based on the scenes I’ve drawn out, there is a use of different cuts. They are mainly

1) Over the shoulder cuts ( 2 or more characters ; one’s back facing us but other is direct)

2)  Scene 4,5,7 is the same camera angle facing Jasmine, but they are put together with 6,8, 10 whose angle is facing the female client.

3) As scenes, progress from 3-10, there are more close-up shots. This close-up shot shows the growing tension between Jasmine and customer.

4) Similarly, this scene is cut into the computer class. The scene cuts from full-body shot of a trainer. This is from one-point perspective – from the way camera is positioned it directed our eyes to the subject in middle.

5) Then, the scene jumps to a cut where there’s a row of students by computer, with Jasmine in mid-shot. Camera zoom in closer to her, giving her further close-up shot. Like the previous scene, it also portrays tension between her and trainer. There’s always 2 subject matters, in both places, Jasmine’s true emotions are protrayed clearly.

6)  From Scene 15-22, we see a cuts which jump from Jasmine to this other client. As compared to previous scenes, these shots are still and do not move. Instead Jasmine and client are given medium shots each.



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