Device Of The Week 1: Health


Triangular Bandage or a sling is versatile for arm,neck, shoulder, wrist injuries

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Multiple ways of tying to support
  • Can be used to cover non-arm injuries such as head or open wounds
  • Available in first aid kits


  • Movable arm due to light fabric eg run, it will be tricky to remain immovable, and hands are full because other arm supports it
  • Bleeding wounds may seem through sling due to thin fabric
  • Ties may be sustainable for short period, not long

Arm sling is an object that helps to carry a broken arm. Some are made of fabric make sure it is will remain immovable.


  • customized designed to prevent shoulder and elbow joints from moving, reduces pain
  • durable – able to withstand,wear, pressure ( not able to tear fabric)
  • immovable – comforting for arm/elbow injury
  • soft fabricĀ  – polycotton material, breathable
  • easy to wash with mild soap and water
  • Shoulder pad has a padding so that it is comfortable to wear it for long period
  • Able to change elevation of upper strap (neck) – higher or lower


  • fabric over neck supported with cushion so that after long period of wear, it would not strain the neck muscles
  • In context of being in military, it needs an outer layer that blends in well with uniform – blend in with surroundings / attack for injured
  • when lying down, use folded pillow under elbow
  • To take strain off neck, use a pillow(s) below elbow so strap over next is loosened










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