Micro-Project 4: Pirate Broadcasting

This place was filmed at the bus stop right outside of the ADM Building at around 9pm last night. I decided to film the bus stop right across the road because the way the lampost lights its up was quite interesting. It also reminded me of my past work where I filmed bus stops – but the camera was directly in front of the bus stop – not at the side. The lightings at night are bring a certain mood to the whole setting of the bus stop. That is why it was filmed outside.

However, It would look better if it was filmed landscape, but that would be inconvenient for viewers to see, so had to put it in portrait.

I tried to film it still with my arms upright, but that wasn’t possible without movement. I wanted to film it still because it would take stillness of this place and this would mean moving objects – such as vehicles and people are quietly observed too…

Some passing comments from passerby walking past with their friends were school-related, some were vulgar expressions from no where so the person couldn’t be identified in the clip, and some looked curiously behind my camera when they by passed me.

The sounds of crickets could be heard,they were louder than murmers or mumblings of the people talking. The sounds of engines from motorbikes and the passing vehicles were loud but they gradually got softer after a while. The most stagnant sounds throughtout were the cricket sounds and little murmurs of people talking .

Some ideas to follow up for Final Project ( Live 1 Hr Video )

  • Different stations of bus stops every 15 minutes, within the campus
  • Timing of filming would be during peak periods 4pm-6pm to record unscripted dialogues among passers by and people waiting by bus stop
  • Alternatively, morning + night
  • Filming within campus instead of outside of campus – increase probability of me bumping into people I know (predictable dialogues – “What are you doing here? Why are you filming?” Is this for a project? ” – Have more control over the outcome of this Live Video Feed, as the person behind it, observe the dialogues in my surroundings

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