Mid-Term Progress For Tree Project

Prior to this day, the four of us split our tasks. We got a PIR sensor, and 3 of us came up with different paper mechanisms of our own for our branches. I made a crank slider, where there is a mechanism that moves the ‘branch’ outwards. I tried to use Arduino’s Mood Cue to set up a the crank slider and make it move. But this was unsuccessful. Instead, I presented the crank slider without servo motor. On the other hand, Gladys’ paper mechanism (cam slider) worked well with her servo motor using Arduino, and Jamie’s motion sensor worked as well. Ying Hui created several ‘twisted towers’ by folded pentagonal shapes – the twisted motion which moves up and down could be one way to show how branches ‘reach out’ and ‘withdraw’. These were all presented during our work-in-progress show as seen in the video and pictures below.


Feedback during mid-term progress show: 

Consider ways  to combine the paper mechanisms and the PIR and motion sensors into an installation of a tree

Consider paper as main material for our installation project

Consider the level of sensitivity in different  areas of tree

Consider ways to create extension and rotation of the ‘branches’ – The twistes trunk moves up and down when turned 360

Consider making a small prototype of tree

Consider scale and size of tree


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