Minimalism Museum: Mona Hatoum’s Impenetrable


During my visit to Minimalism Museum, one artwork that I found interesting was Mona Hatoum’s “Impenetrable”. Based on the artist description, this work was meant to be an alternative version of another work by Jesus Soto called Penetrable (1967-97).  Her colourful works are inviting for people and they get to interact fully with the installation.

Based on the title itself, we can already assume Mona’s take on her work is a different one – one that’s represented by something more sinister and less “playful”. The medium used appears to be “black-finished steel and fishing wire”, and from afar it does give off the look of a cube floating in the air. The installation may appear inviting from afar, but once you come closer to it, the black wired ‘knots’ look are sharp edges. During my visit there, the visitors didn’t seem too eager to enter the “cube” or play around with the barbed- wires, which is so different from the installations we see by Jesus Soto below. 

Author: Najiha

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