Disney’s “Paperman” + Reverse Sequences

The scene starts at 2:24.

Paperman’s Storyline: An office worker meets the girl of his dreams and uses a fleet of paper airplanes to get her attention. 

  1. Scene 1 & 2 is meant to portray how the guy was not successful in hitting the plane through the open window.
  2. From Scene 3 onwards, there is a lot of mid-shots of the guy but slightly bottom-up. Helps viewers to get a better view of his facial expression as he’s looking down below – widened eyes, brows etc.
  3. Scenes 5,6,7 is a linear persepctive shot, where main focus is on the boss. This cuts back into previous scene (8,9).
  4. Based on those 2 angles, it seems to portray the tension between the boss and the guy. There is a contrast in attitude between his obedient colleagues and the main protagonist.
  5.  Back from his mid shot, the scene cuts to bird’s eye view of the street, where girl appears.
  6.  Extreme close-up shot shows height of tension between the boss and the guy.

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