Project 3: Ego (Progress)

So, for this project, it was about me. We started out making thumbnail sketches of “Me + a social setting = My reaction”. I’ve made plenty of sketches below.
The ideas I had were quite narrative and literal. It had to be “abstractified”, so I had a hard time trying to make it more abstract. With the help of metaphors, symbols and some Photoshop here and there, I managed to make out some thumbnails. Ms Ina advised me to use some famous Renaissance paintings or portraits and incorporate that into my thumbnails as well. I’ve made some in the form of putting some of my faces in there.

1a 2 3 4 renaissance1

I added cracks in this portrait. It was subtle. That “cracking” part was to show a kind of fragility in myself. I’m not made of glass or anything like that, but I guess this is about me being emotional, in a way. I also added drapery effect over my face, to show my sense of shyness, or hiding behind a curtain. It’s like another way to hide my true identity. Getting rid of the face completely was also interesting as well. I liked this part the most, because it’s unusual for a famous portrait of a female, to have no face.
I used ice and out some random pics of myself in there. These dices of ice are meant to show shyness and uneasiness. And the place where I usually go through this are.. weddings!  I thought ice and melting ice was symbolic, in a way. It does show how I “freeze up” in a social setting like a wedding. It’s not always uncomfortable when I’m there, but it can make you uneasy at times.
MRT trains as the social setting. It’s the place where you are being squeezed in , and invaded by random strangers, especially during peak hour. I added this galaxy background and put that as inner part of the train, I thought it gave off a cool effect.

In the meantime, I’ll be exploring more ways to “abstractify” my ideas about “Me + Setting = My Reaction” and wait for feedback from Ms Ina on the current images I have, as above. The next processes I’ll post soon, will probably be improved versions on current thumbnails, and the use of colours for them.q

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