Project 2: Process (Part 2)


Another movie quote I worked

“It’s called privacy. I’m not 12 anymore!”

Implied meaning:

A young person wanting to be taken seriously. Yet this person is wailing like a child.

So I basically edited some photos like little girls and cute babies online, and found the following.

vintage-happy-baby-images-graphicsfairy vintage-sad-baby-image-graphicsfairy I also took images of people looking like they’re “prying into people’s lives”. People watching over you, being watched, looking out the window.

From looking at all these, I had a few compositions in mind to rep the quote: “It’s called privacy. I’m not 12 anymore!”

– compilation of people looking out the window, so these come in form of boxes, with people looking into viewer’s eyes
– baby wailing in agony of people watching over him
– baby wailing with small rpepttion shapes of people “raining” on the background
– owls “spying” on you
– merging a subject being watched + a subject who’s a watcher

This was the idea of a baby with “prying” people surrounding him. I wanted to use checkered pattern, and add in a bit of shuffling of it, as a way to contrast. Besides that,the repeeated picture of the ladies looking out the window is a way to portray invasion of privacy. In response to that, the adult baby goes “It’s called privacy. I’m not 12 anymore!” *wails like a baby*





After getting some one on one feedback by Ms Ina, I had to make mae changes to my final compositions. Here they are:

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