Script For Gloria’s “The Odyssey”

For Jesses’ assignment, we had to create a script for our partner. Our partner creates a storyline. As a scriptwriter, our job was to make a scene using dialogue between two or more characters within that storyline. With a beginning, conflict and the end in our partner’s story, we had to create a script of what happened during the conflict part. My partner, Gloria, created story where a meteor crashed into a futuristic submarine home, and amidst the ruins, were three family members who survived.

Attached is Gloria’s script.


“They were still reeling from what had just happened when…”

Logline: A family is tossed into chaos when they realized they are not the only ones on earth.


Story pitch: Set in a dystopian Earth in 1989, only one family survives on this planet. Robert and Linda, parents to Jennifer, a 16 year-old girl, resides in a self-sustaining pod that used to be a military submarine. Born into the world as the last baby on earth and potentially living near a radiation site, her parents have sworn never to open their doors to the world. On Jennifer’s 16th birthday, she wishes upon a comet flying by but soon realizes that it crashes when the impact of the comet destroys her house and she blacks out. After regaining consciousness, her parents are in a state of panic and chaos, worried that they might die from exposure to the radiation.  While tussling as to what to do next, the 3 of them notice a figure approaching them chills run down their spine.




Detailed story:


In the year 1989, one family survives on a post-war earth. Jennifer, a girl who was born at the end of the war, is turning 16. Residing in a washed up military submarine all her life, her parents, though loving, were always paranoid, reluctant and firm on not going beyond the doors because of the potential exposure to radiation left by the war. Growing curiouser each day, Jennifer longs for a life beyond the walls of the submarine. As Jennifer stays up on the eve of her birthday to wait for midnight, she sits by the window looking at the stars that fill the night sky, and cannot begin to imagine how life outside could be bad. She attempts to count the number of stars in the sky and notices one in particular beginning to move across the sky. It was something she had read in books but never actually seen before and so quickly shuts her eyes and makes a wish. As she fix her gaze on that moving star, she realizes that the star was getting closer and before she knew it, she sees it hit the ground a few kilometers away. The ground shakes and the last thing she remembers seeing is the dust cloud that hits her window and house. She blacks out.


She wakes up to the calling of her name and sees her parents’ worried faces. She looks up and sees the sky, the beautiful sky filled with the twinkling stars. She hears her parents’ voices and the state of panic in it and realizes that they are out in the open. They tussle for a bit, figuring out what their next steps should be when they see a figure appearing in the distance. A creature in unfamiliar attire appears creeping slowly towards the family. The family is speechless for a moment and Robert fends the creature off while Jennifer and Laura scramble to wear their protection suits. The creature attempts to communicate but ends up being misunderstood by the paranoid and heightened Robert who lunges at him, thinking that the creature was going to attack. In desperation, the creature reveals that he has the ability to communicate with words appearing in the air. Jennifer yells for her father to stop upon reading those words explaining that those were the words she had wished for. The creature reveals that like them, he is the last one on his planet, cursed and bound to die but when Jennifer made that wish, his planet started recharging and charting a path to earth. Robert stops the tussling and releases the creature. Unsure of what to do next, he rests his head on Linda’s shoulders. Jennifer hugs the creature, giving it the comfort it deserves.


Looking around, Jennifer decides that the place that she grew up in all her life is no longer livable and what they need to do now is to move on. With a newfound friend, goal and renewed hope, Jennifer rallies them all together, in search of a new place they can call home. They gather everything that they need, and as they set off into the night with a million stars filling the sky, Jennifer thought about how lucky she was to be alive, even if earth was in ruins.






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