Visit to Jimmy Ong’s Work ” Poverty Quilt/ A Year In Java” at Asian Civilization Museum

“The most formidable enemy of a man is his own conscience”

Without leaving him the means of avoiding it, which always brings his crimes before his eyes



Recitation – babat

First song is about the day British company freed Yogyakarta whic his n 1700 in java calendar

12 june 1812

2nd song – about the british invade Yog, looting of items from kampong

colonialism of hava – suffered damage

making a link between those who suffered and singaporeans who had not suffered this ordeal

from what i understand about this – he seems to point towards persuading partiicpants to empathze and sypathize with the villages whos lives became more difficult than it aleady is, and ironically¬† how as singaporeans there’s so much adornment for sir stamford raffles, when he was involved in this looting spree as well


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