Interactive Spaces: Project Ideas


#1 Folds of a bed are very telling that a person was there- assuming he/she did not make the bed

  • sinking bed in middle part
  • depth of pillow, not in its original shape
  • Movement of bed sheet moving, making of folds
  • Movement of pillows forming dents on its own
  • concept: make assumptions about how person slept based on what is observed
  • encourage person to draw an outline of how he/she had slept
  • Size of makeshift bed (?)
  • Location(?)
  • Task for participant (?)


Unpacking Body Movies by Rafeal Lozano Hemmer 

  • Shadows interacting with each other through projection screens 
  • Light beam also works with distance and size of people, where closer you are to light source, the smaller you appear 
  • The further away, the larger 
  • Spontaneous storytelling and form of entertainment

Unpacking underscan by Rafael Lozano Hemmer

-tracking system where predicts where people will move next, in device – helps in locating the suitable space to show a projection, where a person sees it 

– recorded clip of a person filmed individually – to entertain, grab attention of person (or not)

HIghlights /Interests of artwork 

  • The way projection screen is placed directly in front of viewer
  • If viewer walks away (Assumed disinterest), the projection fades off too 
  • Tracks people and their predicted movement 
  • Projection screen from above 


Project Development Idea ( Interaction)

  1. Video projection on drawing
  2. Continuous build up of previous project where projections video Bus stop, bus interchange, interior of bus
  3. Incorporate some elements Rafael Lozano Hemmer’s Body Movies, Janet Cardiff & George Miller’s Muriel Lake incident
  4. Binaural audio (narration of another person talking over audio of clip being played)
  5. Playing with shadows (interaction with subjects )
  6. Actual projection screen shows many subjects, but the actual voices from clip is from one of them and as viewer they can guess
  7. Identified by participant hover hand over projection, show lone subject matter drawn on canvas
  8. When we cover projection screen with hands/objects, drawings of previous “traces” of people are seen in drawing
  9. Drawings of place repeated, but differences are people who are featured in previous video are drawn in the next drawing

6.* Additional Interactive element eg sensor devices where a person who steps closer to work after a certain distance, it stops – another video is played instead – intention? Maintain a specific distance away from people there? 

#2 Project Development Idea (Analogue)


  • Show how these 3 stations show stopping points in how relationships start and end – bus stop is anticipatory stage, shared experiences with someone through bus journey (interior of bus) and bus interchange (alight,  marks end of bus journey – end of relations as we go separate ways) 
  • In Singaporean context, relations seem linear like it begins and ends, and then it repeats with different person that you mean.
  • Bus transportation as common feature, normalized way of moving around to places, especially for locals
  • However, relationships may not always be linear – non -linear, chaotic, beautiful mess
  • bus stop, interchange, interior of a bus as representative of start, journey, end
  • installed side by side
  • materials (?)  – wood to show construction in 3D form, 3D Printed
  • to show materials can be deconstructed, to show relations are not linear, they can be a mix of anticipatory feelings, ends, rebuilds again, and they  are shows in installations
  • * light source – formation of shadows to show sunlight affects types of shadows, morning-afternoon-night

Location: walkway outside of ADM Museum because when visitors walk past it they would read the work in linear format

Scale: (?) Nothing too large

Installation: Platform to support medium sized installations


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