Write up for Micro Project 3. Together Split

Together-We-Split is a formation of a clips each of us are in – combined together. It was suppose to be “seamless” but there camera functions in the video group call did not feature same type of people across all our phones ( each individual took up a different space in each phone). We tried to join two bodies together, as if they are one; we had to bring a lot of the “pieces” together, with some difficulty. But, the improvisations were quick, because every one had to contribute something different, yet at the same time, it adds up to one piece.

This was performed in the room we had our lectures in.

Personally, I think we could have invested more time thinking through what kind of choreography we should do before executing it on video. The problem we had was the function of video call work, but the interface was different for each of our phone. So, I had to refer to Jake’s phone to see how I should adapt body parts proporly, which that in itself is tricky to work to. Had we worked in a different location, that would be even more interesting – because we would need to be more verbal about what we need to do to make our work appear seamless.

Which project did you feel you had the most creative control? Why? 

The project that I felt had the most creative control was the Micro Project 2 – which was crowdsourcing art.

I was able to get quick, honest responses about the community I live in and I really liked to see how people’s views of their own community differ from their own peers (who fall under same age group) . This wouldn’t be quick and efficient without the Internet, which lends itself a powerful tool in learning about cultures we know about. At the same time, there are limitations to this because although efficient, the responses could be superficial and short. Alternatively, we could draw surveys by having dialogue sessions or focus groups, which would be more interesting but we had time constraints.

Which project did you feel you had the most unpredictable outcome? Why?

Micro-Project 3 had the most unpredictable outcome, because you have to quickly adapt yourself to a new idea or improvisation. And that requires you to think on your feet.

Which project best illustrates the concepts of Open-Source? Why? 

The Crowd-sourcing best illustrates concepts of Open source because you can draw out as many responses as many times as you can,  and you have a lot of control over the types of questions you can ask to different types of people. With regards to understanding people’s perceptions of their own cultures and other cultures, this does help me to learn how despite living in same communities, their perceptions vary.

The anonymity that comes from Open source has its limitations too. Despite how responses are personalized , people’s motives may be different and can result in some kind of dishonesty, which can affect the out come of my survey. While looking through responses as main “controller”, I was surprised that Pollev tracked down the names and the content of what was being said at that point of time.


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