May The Circle Remain Unbroken

May The Circle Remain Unbroken is a narrative audio-visual journey regarding a meditation on love, yearning, loneliness and ennui in my life. These are fragmented memories in a journey that has no apparent beginning or end.



These are 1:1 excerpts from a diary I had while on assignment in Tokyo. It contained scribbles, graphic illustrations, mental notes, shopping lists and depressing things that deserved a place on a page.

Erina was a woman I had a relationship with during my short stint abroad. 

Pre-Seminar Task – Examples Of Sound Art & Interesting Finds

Artist: Studio Lernert & Sander x Cos


This sound installation and performance, titled “The Sound of COS” is a collaboration between Swedish fashion brand COS and conceptual artists-filmmakers Lernet & Sander.

The artists imitate the sounds clothes make. In their studio they crush salt, open umbrellas, slip on oven mitts and stomp about to create the soundtrack for a fashion video.

I find this to be an interesting and unique take for a fashion campaign. Embracing the conceptual elements of sound itself, rather than the clothes is a very artistic and unique approach for a brand campaign. I think this is brave and very intriguing – creating a reverse effect that heightens the marketability of the COS brand.


Artist: Christine Sun Kim


Christine Sun Kim is a sound artist who is profoundly deaf. Fingertap Quartet is an aural performance thriugh projecting text on the wall behind her, for the audience to read and experience.

As part of her practice she is persistently questioning what she calls “the ownership of sound” and re-orienting the parameters, social values and sets of rules based around that which is omnipresent and yet invisible to us all.

As a huge fan of her work, I am interested in her performance art related to the concept of sound through a deaf person. It feels as if we are encouraged to view sound in a different manner. The depiction of sound itself is more often than not; linear. We only hear but how can we see it?Hence, I enjoy her scope of work and style as it very provocative and conceptual.