Mark Making Workshop

For class this week, we had a mark making workshop which introduced us to the basics of creating our own marks using whatever items we brought from home.

For myself, I brought a variety of items:

1. Cooked Cup Noodles

The noodles were an interesting item to experiment with despite it being somewhat harder to work with. It had an oily texture when I held it in my hand as well as the noodles sticking to the paper as I applied it with ink.

Here were the results it produced:

It created this sort of murky grey & hazy texture which looked rather interesting to me.

2. Foam wrap of fruits in supermarkets

Next, I tried using the foam wrap you would normally see used for fruits in supermarkets. The results was what I would expect, perhaps experimenting with the strokes would create a different mark.

3. Uncooked ramen noodles

I was curious to see what kind of results the uncooked noodles would create as compared to the cooked noodles.

I first tried dipping the ends in ink & brushing over the paper, it created interesting lines. However due to the fragility of the noodles, it broke easily & created quite a mess around.

Since the noodles broke, I tried using the broken bits & experimented other methods of creating the marks. Such as pressing the paper over the lino cut texture.


Once again, as the noodles were very fragile, it broke easily under pressure & left me with white patches on black ink. I realised I could have replaced the noodles with other materials such as satay sticks for example to create a similar effect. As the satay sticks are much sturdier, it would leave less of a mess but allowing me to achieve similar results.

4. Drip Painting (Jackson Pollock inspired):

Last but not least, I was inspired by the works of Jackson Pollock & his signature drip painting style. It resulted into something a bit more abstract, perhaps experimenting with more colours (white or grey) would give the result a more interesting effect.

That’s all for this week & I will be back with more experimentation & trying out various methods for mark making!

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