W9 In-Class Activity

leg so hot/hot hot leg/leg so hot u fry an eg (an erotic poem by basedmadoka)

Some drafted ideas. I did 4 panels only, because most of the ideas are generally static and meant to focus on details than huge movements.

I thought the rest were vaguely boring, so I decided to go with Legs. I like the idea of the subtlety of legs suggesting something about character, anyway. (But I did it after class because I’m too shy to ask classmates for help and the only people I can shamelessly ask for help are my choir mates. rip)

I cropped this 30 seconds out of about 5 minutes worth of video. I learned a lot about the people around me just by looking at their leg moving patterns. One guy, for example, claimed that he has a bad habit of shaking his leg, but only when he’s doing homework and not when eating. Also, no one I video-ed crosses or puts up their legs, which is… Markedly different from me.

The one featured in this video was the most expressive girl, who adjusts her legs a lot while talking animatedly. She also seems to have some form of discomfort, lifting and lowering her heels slightly.

Also other interesting 30 second stuff~

You know it’s gonna be good when the title sequence summarises the entire show for you in 30 seconds.

It looks fun, but I’ve never tried. A game about saving the world in 30 seconds.

Exercise 1: Scale & Framing

This is Niki! I don’t really know much about her because we only met about 12 days ago! But I generally feel like she gives off a very chill/casual/cool vibe, and her posture especially reflected that in this assignment. Consequently, I felt like mid-range shots worked best for her (to accentuate her stance).

I feel like the canted angle makes her look like she’s standing slanted, which is quite informal and “cool” as opposed to standing straight!
The “cool” vibe is really coming out in my opinion because she looks so tall (she’s also actually tall. I couldn’t take any high angle shots)
In my opinion that’s a really nice chill stance, especially with the casual clothes, hands in pockets and feet apart.


Fight on Niki