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I put my sidebar on the right for 1. aesthetic, 2. easy access (if I use touchscreen), and 3. because I prefer to compromise width than height for my window sizes (which would happen with the default sidebar on bottom).

  • Firefox for the Internet, because I love being able to have a lot of control over my privacy settings
  • File Explorer for finding files, because I never save things on my desktop and only put them into the proper folders
  • Paint Tool SAI (a lightweight raster graphics editor), for simple image editing (or sketching, back when I still had a tablet).

My desktop icons are mostly shortcuts to applications which are not significant enough to put on the sidebar, but significant enough that easy accessibility is crucial.

  • Arranged on the left in straight lines to make space for the background image
  • Recycle Bin: In the top left corner due to lack of usage (where it is most unlikely to be clicked due to the location)
  • Adobe Reader for PDF opening (in relatively inaccessible location due to low propensity to open it as is)
  • Adobe softwares for various hobbyist/school works (+Aptana Studio, my open source replacement for Dreamweaver)
  • Game-related softwares for gaming (distribution softwares and emulator)
  • Microsoft Office softwares for work
  • Audacity for sound-related editing

My background typically:

  • Is from an artist I admire (in this case, Deja Vu by NanoMortis)
  • Involves a foreground subject at around 1/3 to the right (to avoid being overlaid with the desktop icons)

I made slight edits, namely:

  • Battery: typically around 70-90% since I tend to avoid falling below 60% if possible, but am wary of spoiling my battery by overcharging at 100%
  • Time: typically around late hours

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