After watching videos on how to code jumping, I realised there’s a lot more depth to jumping than I thought: for example, it can mean a world of difference if you allow the player to control movement while in air, or not. So, I decided to focus on jumping exclusively.

It’s playable-ish up to the 3rd or so bug, but I haven’t built the maps for the rest. I also haven’t actually tied the bug effects to the picking up of bugs; in this video, it’s literally just pressing the relevant key when you get the bug.

I’ve coded in all the required variables, except for dropping through platforms (i haven’t figured that part out yet, so watch out, prof, i’m coming to your inbox). Here’s another video to show the effects:

Issues which I have not figured out how to solve:

  • Aforementioned dropping through platforms
    • I can’t seem to find a suitable code which works with what I have, and me trying to hack at it doesn’t really work
  • Jumping lines when dialogue is ongoing (e.g. even though there’s 5 lines, only the first line shows)
    • Apparently tied to number of other dialogue box-using objects; when I reduce to only 1 Person, the dialogue plays fine
  • If I disable movement while the dialogue box is open, if the player is moving when dialogue is triggered, they will slide on forever until the dialogue box closes
    • I have.. No solution. It’s definitely related to the playerMovement() function, but I don’t even know why it would happen.


I know I had a timeline, but I realise I greatly underestimated how important sprites are: the sizing will definitely be off once I implement them. Of the aforementioned issues, too, the only really significant one for now is the 1st one. So, I’ve decided to change it slightly:

I can see quite a few issues cropping up, like a) the sizing going haywire, b) the block tiling for platforms failing, c) failing to reference the correct bug, despawn it properly, or change the correct value, or d) the fact that my current Player has a really fun spin, to the extent that there’s no “right side up”: if I add a proper sprite, I might have to include code which stops it from doing so. (Unless I actively decide to make it have no right-side-up.)

What’s that about “game endings”? Well,


My stretch goal is to amplify the emotional aspect, in terms of the parallels between “a buggy game” and “sadness over being incompetent”. As such, I’m thinking of having 3 endings, which have different activation conditions, and which correlates to “your relationship with bugs”.

I don’t know if I should spoil it, but I’m likely to forgo it since no time, so I’ll only talk about it if it comes to it, and just stick to the ~happy village life where you help the villagers catch bugs~ story.

The villagers may or may not have a role to play in this, which is why I’ve added them. That’s quite tedious, though, so I might leave them as hint-givers, as per right now. (They also don’t have changing dialogue based on changing progression rates, because I did that before, and boy, it was not fun.)

(It’s also kind of boring to only reach places just to get bugs, so I put people as hint-givers to mediate that.)


  • Code Monkey series on Jumping (link)
  • How to make a Dialogue System in Unity (link)
  • Super Mario Maker 2: No Jumping Allowed (link)
  • IDK it was a cute square so I was reminded of this (link)
  • And like 3711748 Unity forum questions

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