Artist Selection | Perry Hoberman

Perry Hoberman is an artist born in 1954 whose works revolve mostly around machines and media. In executing his works, he focuses on the interactive nature of human beings and technology.

I chose Perry Hoberman as the artist for my hyperessay as I was intrigued by how immersive his installations are. The outcome of most of his works are highly dependent on the audience to the point where the lines between the art and the audience become blurred in a sense where the audience themselves become the art.

Attached below are links to a few of his artworks that I really liked:

  1. The Elvonic Transform
  2. Empty Orchestra Cafe
  3. Bar Code Hotel

I like the fact that his works don’t only promote the interaction between the audience and the art but also between audience members themselves as shown in Bar Code Hotel. I also enjoy the quirkiness of his works.

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