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For this project, we were tasked to create typographic portraits using our names according to different jobs that we choose. Thank God the letters in my name are pretty easy to work around with. I’m going to be using “Nad”, my nickname and “NN” which are my initials. In hopes of becoming a graphic designer in the future, I have decided to dabble with the unfamiliar Adobe Illustrator. But first, of course, how can I start without taking inspiration from the ever so reliable Pinterest?


Alphabet City by Ranganath Krishnamani

Alphabet City consists of illustrations that depict different urban landscapes. The artist manipulated each letter in an isometric manner to look like a space which I think is what I will be experimenting on for one of my illustrations. Although it seems a little complicated, there is no harm in trying right?

Creatures of the deep on Behance
Creatures of the deep by Astro Oscar

In this illustration, the artist stacked each letter over one another leaving just a little bit of space. At the same time, he connects each letter using different elements i.e; the stairs or the building. Also, doesn’t this illustration look like the game “Crossy Road”?

Image result for crossy road
Iphone Game: Crossy Road

This inspired me to choose Game Designer as one of my jobs.


I don't feel like doing anything
This illustration plays around with hollow space which gave me the idea to do something associated with a construction worker because we all know how construction works do take place underground.
We've recently blogged a big illustration by Adam Simpson. Here some other ones:
By Adam Simpson

In this hollow space that takes the shape of the letter “L”, the artist places furniture in it to make up a mini apartment.


Sieh dir dieses Instagram-Foto von @battery_full an • Gefällt 1,584 Mal
By John Ed De Vera

Although I said that I am planning to do this project digitally, this papercut piece inspired me to do something similar to it. It looks taxing I must admit, but I will consider.

1486743_612097872170148_81611836_n.jpg (500×647)
By Matt Chinworth

Here I found something that looks like paper but is done digitally. This made me think of newspapers which inspired me to do perhaps a newspaper article writer.

For now, I will be looking for more inspirations and consult Mimi and my friends on my ideas before I settle on 4 occupations to carry on with my project. Wish me luck! ♡

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