2D Analysis

The first lesson, we learn to identify some key elements in designs. I tried to identify some of the elements that I have learned in class. Since I left the watch that i brought to class last week back at home, I used what i have in my hall instead.








This camera have quite a number of interesting factors. The most prominent elements that i realised in this camera was the rule of third and line of symmetry.

The lens is one-third of the camera. It is positioned at the upper third, causes it to be more dynamic. More attention will be drawn to the lens.

The camera is symmetrical on the front, back, top and bottom view. (indicated in green)

The colours used are white, black and silver. The white area acts as the dominant volumes (large), while the black screen acts as the subdominant volumes (medium) and lastly the silver acts as subordinate (xxsmall). Our eyes will naturally be drawn to the subordinate as it is the centre of attraction.


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