4D Project 1: Picture Story- Curating Self

First series: Object and representation of me.

Soft toys has always been a significant object to me, they accompany me throughout my childhood. I remember when i was younger, I would act as a teacher and they would be my audience.

People who are familiar with me will be aware of my crazy obsession with rilakumma bears. However, not everyone is aware of the story behind it.

Reason why this rilakkuma is so different from all my other soft toys is because this is the first toy that I caught from the claw machine.  Ever since then, I started my collection.

Some of my friends have seen my collection and whenever they see a rilakkuma bear, think will think of me. So i guess this object represents me.

Up to today, i still love soft toys very much. I  have plenty of toys, but this is still my favourite. It is very significant, as it holds a dear value to me.

I made use of the rule of third technique, I placed the teddy bear at one of the intersection of the rule of third grid to give it a clear focal point. It helps to create a sense of balance without making the photo to static.

I used the natural lighting from my living room to create value in the shots. This photo is taken to show interaction between myself and the toy. I deliberately focused on the bear to show emphasis on it while blurring the background. Using motion blur technique, the swinging of tag shows the movement and interaction between us.

The warm lights in the shopping mall helps by creating a comfortable environment. This teddy bear is significant to me which is reflected by the warm lights.

I tried taking photos from different vantage points. For the first photo, i tried placing the rilakkuma at the centre, however the photo do not look as interesting and eye catching. Flash were used in some of the photos, thus it created very harsh lightings.

Second series: My World

Arcade, a place filled with happiness and laughter. I clearly remember the happy memories spent with my family at the arcade. It is a significant to me as this is the go to place when i feel stress or upset. That is how I recharge. I feel very happy whenever I am at the arcade. Seeing all the smiles on people faces bring joy to me as well.

Arcade is filled with colours and noises. In this panorama photo, I would like to show how people interact with each other in an arcade. And the liveliness of the place. It is a good place to bond with friends and family.

I applied what I learnt from the previous lesson and created this one point perspective. The chair and lights acts as a frame and bring more depth to the picture and a better focus on what the main subject is.

Ever since my first bear, it become an “addiction”. I felt a sense of accomplishment everytime I caught a toy from the claw machine. I tried to frame the subject using the background lights. The value in this photo is very contrasting which helps to bring out the subject.

Motion blur helps to portray the life and energy of the arcade. Motions in an arcade can represent liveliness and the activites going on in the place. In my opinion, the child represents energy and that energy reflects the atmosphere of the place. Laughter of children could be heard. Being in a happy environment helps to lighten my mood.

I also tried taking from different angles, but it didn’t bring out the effect I would like to express.

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