Forrest Gump-Final

These are my final compositions! 

Key words: King and World

My interpretation: I emphasis on technologies, mainly mobile phone that is taking over our world. It has become a very important devices in our daily lifes. Since the main subject is the phone, the phone takes up most spaces in the composition and world takes up the least space. I duplicate a a few other phones to show that it is taking over the world. The use of phone call symbol acts as technology spreading out from the world.

Principle of Design: Repetition and Negative spaces

Key words: Human, World and Mess

My interpretation: What I want to show is the ‘Mess’ taking over the human world. Like they are controlling the humans. I chose to use octopus to represent the mess in this layout. I duplicate the design and I wanted the centre octopus to be the main subject, therefore I enlarge the size of it. I made use of the positive spaces as my background so that the main subject will stand out. I rotated the image 180 degree because I want to show the mess. When we first see this layout, our eyes will not visualise the octopus as an octopus because it was rotated. But after our brain processes then we will see it as an octopus.

Principle of Design: Symmetry, Contrast, Visual hierarchy

Key words: Tea and Time

My interpretation: I use teapot, tea and clock for my composition. Therefore I use several clocks and teapot from different directions to show no matter when and where there would be tea.

Principle of Design: Repetition and Golden Ratio

Key words: Reflection, Inside

My interpretation: I want to show the inner self of Mulan, being a girl but disgust herself as a man. From the quote, it seems like she wants to reveal her real identity yet she cannot. I use heart and eyes to represent her inner self. Roses were also used to represent her as a female. With a closer look, you could see a rose reflected in her eyes. The wire burb acts as a barrier that refrain her revealing her inner self.

The emotions that I get from the quote is sadness and pain. Therefore I added splash of blood at the background to add some texture to convey that emotion.

Principle of Design: Asymmetry, Contrast, Texture


I felt that creating the layouts were the most challenging part of the assignment. I have trouble interpreting the key words, my layout and ideas are always too literal. However, I felt that the last few compositions, I started to be more imaginative and think out of the box.

I explore and tried out the different principle of design in the layouts. I tried creating a symmetry, asymmetry and positive and negative background for my designs. As I want to explore different design principle and see which suits the best for each design.

I learnt photoshop when I was in poly, however I though 1 gap year and I forgot some of the skills. This project helps to refresh those skills and allows me to apply the design principle. For my future assignments, I hope to be more creative and see things from different perspectives.

Overall, it is a good learning experience!

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