Micro Project 4 – Glitch

Original Image

First Edit:
I glitch it with photoshop to increase the noise level of the image. I also tried to distort my hand by swirling the image.

Second Edit:
May Thu used photoshop and added some oil painting effect.

Third Edit :
Brendan edited the colours. It reminds me of Vincent Van Gogh paintings.

Final Edit:
I pixelate the entire image.

There are no rules or boundaries, we are allowed to edit the photos however we want to. Each of us have a different style and we have no control as of what the next person will be doing.

At the end of the transformation, I could barely recognise my hand. It looks more like a distorted chicken. I felt that this project is similar to our DIWO assignment as it is a artwork made by the 3 of us. Which prompted us to realise this effort was truly collaborative.

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