Micro Project 7- Video Selfie

For micro project 7, we were asked to mimic an artist’s persona, I knew who I wanted to be. Plaaastic!

Plaaastic is a Vietnamese artist who is famous because of how she portray herself on social media. She has depression and is a victim of bullying.

All her images show her persona. Her with black lips and not smiling. Most of her images of Instagram are gothic and sad photos. Because of her personality, all her images bring out the meaning behind it.

Certain spaces provokes the a person’s alter ego.  Personally, I feel most comfortable at home and that is where my secondary personality appears.

This video selfie helps to alter my identity because it gives me the opportunity to portray myself in a way that is different from my true self. People always see me as a happy and cheerful person. However, this video shows a totally opposite of who I really am. The used of filters and makeup which helps to blur out the real and virtual, which conceal my real identity. If I were to show this video to a person, they might not be able to recognise the character.




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