Mnemosyne: Accessories (Pair Work) WIP

JJ and I was paired up for this assignment, where we have to make accessories. The accessories has to be link to our planar or mnemosyne scent structures!

Unfortunately we do not agree to each other scent. Therefore, we thought of memories of our own. Both of us always eat Mala Hotpot in school. We love the smell and taste of it. Therefore we decide to go for it.


Sudden Burst,Burning Sensation,Spicy,Excitement



We came up with 2 different accessories, the head gear and the ring. Since Mala Hotpot is a Sichuan cuisine. We got inspiration from the ancient days emperor and empress.

Our idea is to show how our body will react after eating Mala. We use wood to show the exterior of how we are and we use copper wire to show what is happening inside us. The copper wire shows the burning burst of spicy that we cannot control. The wires are coming from different directions. And we use a gold colour sphere to represent our heart. The copper wires are piercing thru our heart.

We faced some difficulties when bending the wood, at first we wanted the wood to swirl up and the copper wires will be hiding inside. This is to represent how people see us. Like will not know how we are feeling inside after eating mala. However, it is almost impossible to create the swirl, the wood might break. Therefore we have to make some amendments. Instead of using swirl, we tapered the wood and place it in a upright position, to show the raising of spice level.

Improvement to be made

After our fashion runway, we were given some feedbacks. What we could do is to add in more copper wires to create a more intense ‘burst of spicy’ and we could create it in a way that it forms a plane.


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