Project 1- Hamadryas Baboon

Stage 1 : Mindmap/ ResearchHamadryas Baboon

The hamadryas baboon is a species of baboon from the Old World monkey family. They can only found in a very specific area of the world: Africa and Arabia. Hamadryas baboons are very social animals. They spend hours grooming each other and communicate in many different ways, such as calls, scents, and gestures.

Physical Description

The males baboons are often twice as large as females. The fur of males is silver-white in color and they have a pronounced cape which they develop around the age of ten, while the females are capeless and brown. Their faces range in color from red to tan to a dark brown.

Baboons usually come across looking very aggressive and scary. But in reality,  they will not seek to actually attack and kill their deadly enemies that they come across. Instead, baboon will try greatly over exaggerate  their dangerous image and bluff their way into intimidating and scaring off other animals that they are genuine scared off.

Both male and female baboons have reddish-pink padded bottoms that make it more comfortable for them to sit on rocks to sleep, or the hard ground when they are foraging around for food.


Unlike other monkeys, baboons stay on the ground most of the time. They are primarily terrestrial, but will sleep in trees or on cliffs at night. An opportunistic feeder, it will take a wide variety of foods, including grass, fruit, roots and tubers, seeds, leaves, buds and insects.  Baboons may also hunt small mammals, including hares and young gazelle.

I drew out the main features and characteristics of a baboon. They have a strong torso, a dog like muzzle. Hamadryas baboon have wide and sharp nose.  Long sharp canine teeth and a powerful jaw. They also have long and flexible arms that allow them to pick up and place objects very delicately.


Stage 2: Logos

Stage 3: Thumbnail sketches

Stage 4: Final Sketches

Stage 5: Colour Studies

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