Project 2- Hamadryas Baboon

Click here for presentation slides : Hamadryas Baboons

Research: After doing my research, I found the unique point of my baboons. And it is that they usually come across looking like very aggressive, and very scary beasts, but the reality is in most instances they will not seek to actually attack and kill their deadly enemies that they come across. 

Instead, baboons will try greatly over exaggerate their dangerous image and bluff their way into intimidating and scaring off other animals that they themselves genuine  fear off. The baboon’s major predators are humans, leopards and the cheetahs. Knowing that they can easily kill or injure them. So what they do is to strut in a threatening manner while showing their teeth.

Title: I’m Gentle and don’t love trouble

Event: Date a Baboon Party

Target Audience: Single (looking for a date), Family, Couples

Hierarchy: When the reader look at this fierce baboon and followed by the title “Im gentle and dont love trouble.” They will be curious how this dangerous looking baboon be gentle. This is to hook them into reading the body. Where they decode the hidden message and understand that baboon exaggerate their dangerous image in order to protect themselves from being eaten up. Then after they read the body text. They may want to interacte with the baboons what they can do is login into the website to get their tickets. I feel that date and location is very important so the size is larger than the body text.

Design Elements : Lines, Texture and Size

Lines to show the form of a baboon. And texture to emphasis on the frown of the baboon. And I have also increase the size of its 2 large teeth.

Design Principles : Gestalt Law of Closure, Asymmetrical and Balance

 Even though the baboon is cropped, our brain still perceive this figure in their complete appearance. The poster also shows a sense balance. Although the design are arranged asymmetrically, The baboon on the left and the text on the right. It still create the impression of equality in weight.

Colours Palette : Pastel Pink, Yellow and Black

Pink and yellow to give off the positive and warm comforting feeling. Black background with pink polka dots, which helps to bring out the fun element .I tried using pastel colour in the previous poster, however I realised using a dark background helps to bring out the contrast and the poster won’t look as flat.

Typeface : Baskerville and Avenir 

I chose to use baskerville for my headings. Baskerville are transitional serif typefaces. It has a more rounded serif. It generally appear to be softer and more elegant. Which creates a friendly yet authoritative feel.  Body text, I used a sans serif typeface because there are more words. If I were to use a serif typeface, it will be harder to read as there are more strokes. So using a sans serif typeface, it will look more direct, more clean and minimal.






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