Home Sweet Home Emerald Hill


Overlapping style, line work and a specific colour schemes

Looking at Emerald Hill, I wanted to embody the residential area and how homely it felt, the parts of the houses that was often overlooked, accompanied by a short poem. Wanted to see these tangible objects in my zine. Include some graphic work but also still include the original source.

The focus is also on the obvious variety of our colonial past mixed wit obvious Chinese motifs, a variety.

Layout Plan

Using a colour generator I created a colour combination,  by adding my image into the generator, with some slight adjustments to lower the saturation of the colour

Created some graphics using adobe illustrator when the illustration software did not created crisp lines. This is for the cover.

I traced out this Chinese motif with a drawing software but it does not look “graphic” and more like organic shapes, therefore switched to adobe illustrator.

These are some of the knockers I found and it is illustrated

Wanted the overlapping feel based on my research

Additionally I wanted to present the pristine look and my layout skills, a page is dedicated to the scenes of emerald hill, especially these columns I have seen.

Created some texture textiles with layer masks


This zine made me realise that I need to relearn some of the digital softwares. Printing and formats are another concern that I will ave to work on.