Chapter 1: A Beckoning

She held her arms tightly around her knees,  the cold had numbed her. Silence pierced the wet, slippery room as her vision slowly blurred into place. How long had she waited? What she had just witnessed was almost, unimaginable. There were so many unanswered questions. As she recalled the dreadful scene of her husband being gnawed on by their own kind, tears welled up in her eyes. Cupping her hands over her wet and grimy face, she stifled her tears for she feared that the attacker was still behind the closed door.

She leaned gently unto the door, placing her ear against the stained, opaque glass door. “Wide … panic … across … evacu… north… experiment…” Murmuring from the television could be heard, there was no obvious sign from the attacker from the other side. It seems like a good opportunity to sneak out now.  She slid the door opened while she turned to the left followed by the right.